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Bounce Castle

Classic Fun

Great for parties, our bounce house fits multiple children.
Easy to inflate, and quick to take back down.
13' w x 13' l x 15' h

$75/day $125 wknd

Outdoor Only

Bounce Castle.jpg
Castle Combo.jpg

Castle Slide Combo

Bounce and Slide

This inflatable is great because it has a bounce house, and an inflatable slide.

Indoor Only

Rainforest Rapids

Jungle party jumper includes many activities in 1 giant play area.
Hours of jumping fun for up to 6 kids at a time.
The Rainforest Rapids is your all in one amusement park. This ultimate combo jumper combines the Zulu jumper (8x8 bounce area) with 2 mega slides and the Tiki Lagoon.

Indoor only


Human Bubble Ball

New Addition

The Human Bubble Ball is great fun that allows for many laughs without pain. Come  try out our boxing ring with the bubble balls.  Can you last the entire 30 min?

Indoor Only

18 Ft Sea Slide

Water Slide

Our 18 Foot Sea slide is our most popular water slide.
Featuring an inflatable floor pool, you have an awesome drop into a deep splash.

The side ladder allows multiple people to go up while others are sliding down.

Outdoor Only

Day: $200

Weekend: $300


Shark Park

10-in-1 Water Park

Huge size accommodates up to 9 children at a time.
Up and running fast, inflates within minutes.

The Shark Park Ultra 10 in 1 provides a lot of bounce. It includes an 8' long slide, a 5' tall climbing wall, a 3 person shark tank bouncer, 80 square foot splash pool, sprayers and crawl tunnel, your kids will run out of energy before they run out of things to do in this play park.

Outdoor Only

Day: $75

Weekend: $125

Pirate Bay

Combo House and Water Slide

The Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park is the ultimate boredom killer for your kids. Not just a splash pool with slide, this water park combines 2 water canons with a bouncer and its own crawl tunnel. It also includes a climbing wall to make the most of your adventure.


Day: $75

Weekend: $125

Pirate Bay.jpg